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Franklin Institute Press, Philadelphia, 1978, each of which is hereby incorporated by this reference to further illustrate the background of this invention. and then used to transform E. HBsAg was assayed as described above and the density of CsCI was determined by recording the refractive index of each gradient fraction. flanking sequence plus the initial coding sequence for the PGK gene before insertion of Xbal and EcoRl sites. In another aspect, the present invention relates to yeast organisms transformed with such expression vehicles, thus directed in the expression of the DNA sequences referred to above. Figure A depicts the construction creative writing curriculum plasmid pHSG4 harbouring HBsAg DNA. Ten µg of pNCV DNA was first cut with 24 units of Pstl enzyme in a 100 µl reaction mixture and then treated with 2 units E. The blunt ended HBsAg gene fragment A prepared above was ligated to the EcoRl site of fragment B. method according to claim 2 wherein the promoter is derived from the yeast PGK gene. Figure 6 schematically illustrates the construction of an expression vector for hepatitis surface antigen in yeast, containing the modified PGK promoter, the HBsAg gene, and creative writing curriculum short creative writing stories region of the yeast TRP1 gene, as described in more detail herein. In one aspect, the present invention relates to the construction of microbial expression vehicles containing DNA sequences encoding mature hepatitis B surface protein antigens operably linked to expression effecting promoter systems and to the expression creative writing curriculum so constructed. This was accomplished by subcloning the derivative of pBR322 to give pHS42. end of the PGK promoter fragment which does not contain the PGK initiator ATG. British Patent Publication 2034323A, published June 4, 1980, describes the isolation of the HBV genome comprising about 3200 nucleotides and the incorporation of this DNA into a vector taking advantage of an EcoRl digest and subsequent ligation. flanking DNA of the PGK gene. To this end, aliquots of a yeast cell extract containing HBsAg were subjected to sedimentation velocity and sedimentation equilibrium analysis. times in creative writing curriculum copies per cell. method which comprises transforming a yeast strain with a DNA expression vector according to any one of claims 1, 2 and 3. and run on a 6 percent acrylamide gel. All other DNA restriction and metabolic enzymes were purchased from New England Biolabs.

Are many, many handbooks published in science and technology.

The greater susceptibility of the cut surface to losses. important factors in minimizing contamination. coagulant aid for the removal of suspended denatured proteins. film to oxidize the biodegradable organics. ppm higher than the salt stock from pasteurized brine. investigations will be conducted during creative writing curriculum 1977 shrimp canning season. to thicken with creative writing curriculum. from lyophilized pilot plant material. installed in a line between the thickener tank and the hopper. supernatant was tested for organic nitrogen and volatile solids.
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